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Autoprint finecoat 80


Autoprint Fine Coat 80 is an offline sheetfed Flexo Rotary Automatic UV and Aqueous Coater with UV and IR Dryer. It can perform Full or partial coating, Spot coating and Spot-not window coating of both UV based and water based (Aqueous) coatings. Autoprint has installed more than 250 machines of Fine Coat 80 in all leading pharma, packaging companies all over India and in abroad as of March 2017.  

Technical Specifications

Maximum Paper Size  - 560 x 800 mm

Maximum Coating Size - 550 x 800 mm

Coating Speed - 2000 to 5000 sph

Registration Accuracy  - ± 0.5mm

Coating Thickness - 3-5 gsm (adjustable)

Minimum Paper Size  - 254 x 304 mm

Paper Thickness - 60-450 gsm

Polymer Plate Thickness(for spot coating)  - 1.7 mm

Varnish Unit   - 3 Roller system

Dimensions ( L x W x H ) - 6750 x 2140 x 1680 mm (Machine with Dryer)

Features at a Glance

  • Stream Feeder . Coating Unit with Anilox Roller. Centralized Touch Screen Control Panel. Double Sheet Detector 
  • Adjustable Delivery Guides. Connectable to UV/IR Dryer Unit. Centralized Lubrication System 
  • One IR Module comprising 2 IR Lamps of 3 Kw each. One UV Module comprising One UV Lamp of 300 Watts per inch power. Automatic Receding Pile with Delivery Stacker. Optional : Two UV Lamp and Power Saving Feature with PLC Control