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United Ink is the largest Indian offset ink company and is the most preferred Ink brand among the high quality segment of the industry in India and abroad. For 69 years, customers have relied on our proven expertise for consistent product developments for specific application needs. Choose between many options:

  • Lightfast Inks: LF Speedset - For printing jobs requiring High Lightfastness to withstand Outdoor exposure. 
  • Metallic Inks (Golds, Silvers and Metallic Shades) - Finest quality of Offset and Letterpress Gold, Silver and Metallic shades which gives superior results not only in terms of gloss and metallic brilliance but also in machine performance and drying
  • Fluorescent Inks - Fluorescents that catch the eye. Excellent quality fluorescent inks for Offset and Letterpress
  • Security Inks - for Hi-tech Currency/ Security Printing
  • Fugitive Inks - for Cheque Printing by Dry Offset or Letterpress
  • Penetrating Inks - for Lottery Tickets and Certificates
  • Invisible Inks - for Glow under UV lamp
  • Magic Inks - Water Paint Book Printing
  • Tin Printing (TP) Inks - The Complete range of high quality Inks for Tin Printing
  • Polybond Inks - For Poly/Non-absorbent/Non-tearable Substrate with good Nail Resistance/Hardness
  • Mellow Inks - Four Colours Set for printing Melamine Crockery 
  • Carbonising Inks - For Carbon Copy Paper Printing - Red and Black